Man City show they have the Stones to become the best in Europe | Soccer

In preparation for Wednesday's breathless match at San Paolo, Naples coach Maurizio Sarri joked that the best way to get the best out of Manchester City's fast start was to ask UEFA to start the match after 21 minutes. Unfortunately for Sarri, and perhaps for the rest of Europe, this side of the city simply continues.

The Blues are five points clear at the top of the Premier League and are now in the last 16 of the Champions League, with two games to spare. However, many observers have been waiting for some kind of fall in the form, for some kind of opportunity to scrutinize the side of Pep Guardiola, almost as if his superb form this season would have been some kind of lucky break.

A dip will come, they have no doubts about it, but they showed in Napoli that there is much more to them than a football & # 39; just & # 39; attractive. They have style and substance. Clearly, in the bear pit of the historic San Paolo they showed that they have serious balls.

Napoli fans are notoriously noisy and unwelcoming, and even with a capacity of less than 20,000, the famous old stadium was noisier than any stadium you would expect to find in Europe.

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<p> The more City played from the back, building their attacks, the more mocked and whistled home fans. However, the more the local fans booed and whistled, the more serene City seemed. They were not surprised a bit. </p>
<p> Considering that they lined up without a lot of influential players, it only adds to how impressive this victory is. There was no Vincent Kompany or Benjamin Mendy. Kyle Walker and David Silva were on the bench. The city has often been without rudder without Silva during all the time he has been in the club, so the fact that they have won, in this way, without him having started is an achievement in itself and should not pass by. </p>
<p> And do not forget the fact that in Ederson, John Stones, Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling, City has four very young players with relatively little experience in the Champions League. Each player has a very important role to play in the teams of Guardiola, and every man on the field did his job in a very difficult field against a very, very good team. However, the fact that these young people were part of it is another sign that the City is the real business. </p>
<p> And then throwing to the mix that Napoli first took the lead and then scratched his way back to 2-2. However, City recovered every time, and with goals that normally were not "Guardiola goals". The Blues certainly separated Napoli at times, but their first three – two impressive starters and one goal in the break – show that this team can do so much damage in many ways. </p>
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This was, simply, a first class performance. The contrast between this and the one that resulted in the elimination of the last 16 in Monaco last season is tough. Then, City went to a vibrant, youthful, ball game with the intention of doing what he did in Napoli, but he did not have the ability or the conviction to carry it out.

Now you have both.

With the evidence of the season so far, every player in the City looks at home in the system, and they firmly believe in what they are doing. Maybe Nicolas Otamendi sums up his remarkable improvement, however, in truth, each of his teammates is playing well.

Everyone will be full of confidence after this game. The 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge in September will have done wonders on that front, but this victory in Napoli, given all the circumstances, is something completely different.

Guardiola was at his most challenging moment after that game in Monaco, telling all the skeptics that they wanted him to change his style that he would not do such a thing. The result is this; the best team in Europe at this time.

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Man City show they have the Stones to become the best in Europe | Soccer

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