Jose Mourinho reveals why Romelu Lukaku refused to celebrate his Manchester United goal

Jose Mourinho warned Manchester City that his Manchester United side will not shrink in the Premier League title race after they stayed in a 2-1 victory against West Brom.

United won thanks to goals from Romelu Lukaku and Jesse Lingard, but he was forced to defend himself after Gareth Barry returned the goal to Albion.

Mourinho refused to be drawn in a video leaked on the social networks of the City's players mocking his club for his style of play singing "park the bus".

Player rankings of West Brom vs Manchester United

But he insisted that United will not decline until the end of the season despite City's 11-point lead in the title race.

"I know the questions always go in the same direction and I keep saying the same thing," Mourinho said. "Our last game in the Premier League is Watford at Old Trafford, in mid-May, and until then every game we go, in every game we try to win.

"If people ask us that question and then they do it to the third team and the fourth and fifth and sixth, they will probably disappear, they probably want to go on vacation, we do not want to go on vacation, we want to play until the last game."

Mourinho declined to comment on the leaked video of the city, but urged the experts to make their own judgments.

"I did not see, I did not look," he said. "I'm not interested in doing that, you are the ones who do your evaluations, your comments, for me, nothing."

Lukaku refused to celebrate his first goal against the club where he launched his Premier League with a successful season ceded and Mourinho said the Belgian could have taken the lead from his manager.

"I think there are two reasons," Mourinho said of the non-celebration of Lukaku. "One is his love for West Bromwich Albion, he was a happy child here, they helped him feel loved, they made him feel at home

"It was here that it exploded in the Premier League, so I'm sure there was that, and probably the second thing is that he looked at me and I did not celebrate either, so he said if he does not celebrate why he should celebrate." .

"You have more experience, you become more balanced." Do not go crazy when you win. Do not get depressed when you lose. You are much more stable with the experience.

"Some other managers are different and do not change, I change If you scored a goal at the last minute, you will surely see me running, but a goal in the twenty-third minute, 1-0 with a lot to play … Let's play."

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Jose Mourinho reveals why Romelu Lukaku refused to celebrate his Manchester United goal

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