David Seaman tells his fellow Arsenal legends to think twice before criticising under-pressure Arsene Wenger

David Seaman has asked Arsenal legends to show Arsene Wenger the same respect now that they did during their careers as players, explaining that the criticism of the players he used to handle is intended to "hurt" the Frenchman.

Wenger signed a new two-year contract at the end of last season and has stressed on several occasions that he intends to see the agreement, but that has done little to relieve the pressure that is low.

His criticism has often been led by his former players, including players such as Martin Keown, Ian Wright and former club captain Tony Adams.

Lee Dixon is another who has repeatedly questioned the ability of his former manager to run the club, commenting on BBC Radio 5Live recently that the Arsenal was "unrestricted" for the 68-year-old.

And Seaman, who played under Wenger for seven seasons during which he won the Premier League title twice and the FA Cup three times, said he is concerned about how the veteran manager has been receiving criticism.

"I think the criticism from the players he used to handle hurts, definitely," Seaman told The Independent before the derby this weekend in north London.

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"What happens with Arsene is that he is a very loyal man who will always defend him, and who has defended his players many times, which is why I have so much respect for him and also why I know he will be affected.

"I feel a lot of respect for him to criticize him." He should be allowed to continue with his work, he does not need me or others like former professionals who try. "

Despite his strong allegiance to Wenger, Seaman admits that the Frenchman has changed beyond all recognition as a manager since his arrival in North London.

Seaman won the Premier League title twice under Wenger (TAG)

When Wenger first moved to the Arsenal of the Japanese team Nagoya Grampus Eight, he quickly became known as Le Professeur for his moderate and studious conduct. But his touch line style has changed beyond all recognition in recent years, and Seaman commented that the "crazy" Wenger is now one of the most combustible managers in the Premier League.

"Now when I look at him he's crazy!" Seaman said.

"He is not the same man as before, when he first came to the club, he would stand on the sidelines very still, looking like a teacher, just looking around and that.

"But now he's up and down and I'd hate to be the fourth official because he really gives them a little stick, maybe it's because the pressure is affecting him a bit now, so it's changed that way, but look, it's been absolutely fantastic for Arsenal. "

Before today's game between Arsenal and the Spurs, Seaman added that he does not believe that the balance of power has really changed between the two clubs, although he admitted that Maurcio Pochettino's team is the fit team.

"I do not think the balance of power has changed, but the form certainly has," he said. "The power comes from winning trophies and, obviously, Tottenham has not yet."

David Seaman spoke on behalf of TAG Heuer to promote the pressure test of the TAG Heuer Premier League. TAG Heuer is the official timing partner of the Premier League.

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David Seaman tells his fellow Arsenal legends to think twice before criticising under-pressure Arsene Wenger

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