British Diving Championships: 12-year-old Euan McCabe set to make senior debut

Euan McCabe: a 12-year-old boy who debuted in the British Diving Championships

A 12-year-old boy aspires to emulate Tom Daley when competing in this weekend's British Diving Championships .

Euan McCabe trains at the same club in Plymouth where the double world champion and Olympic bronze medalist started his career.

He will be the youngest in the 10m platform event at home. pool

"He's ready to compete with the big guys, it's a great opportunity for him to just show what he can do," said Plymouth Diving head coach Alex Rochas.

McCabe is the latest diver in a line that includes not only Daley, but also recently retired European champion Sarah Barrow, Commonwealth Games medalist Tonia Couch, and teammates Internationals Matthew Dixon and Victoria Vincent.

"He has a small dive list, but he's a great diver," added Rochas, who took over Andy Banks at the Plymouth Life Center last year.

"For Euan it's like a game, his main objective will be to reach the final, and after that he will compete and do what he can do."

"The most important thing for him is to obtain the new experience and try to do your best.

"Once the final is reached, anything can happen, a competition is a competition"

Tom Daley was only 13 when he won the title of the European 10m platform in 2008

& # 39; I would like to be a diver from Britain & # 39;

McCabe has been diving since the age of five, but his talent really began to develop about three years ago.

"When I was younger I was at the bottom of the group, but then I started to approach him," he told the BBC. South West

"When I heard that I was elected [for the British Championships] I was really excited and nervous because I will compete against the best divers in Britain."

The schoolboy downplays comparisons with Daley, who has won the title of the 10-meter British platform six times: "It's bigger and better" was his response when asked about the country's most famous diver .

McCabe, however, is very interested in following in Daley's footsteps.

"I would like to be a diver from Great Britain and compete in the Olympic Games," he added.

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British Diving Championships: 12-year-old Euan McCabe set to make senior debut

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